Traditionally in Korea and other far eastern countries, pillows are not the fluffy goose feather types found in the West. Instead, they are hard cylinder shaped bean bag like pillows which gently support the top of the neck. Nowadays, only the elderly are the ones who are fond of these pillows, but the design of these pillows serves a specific scientific purpose.

Nuga Best’s Tourmanium cervical pillow is designed using this age-old concept and gently supports your cervical vertebrae (neck) while sleeping, this promotes the correction of the natural curvature of the neck (‘C’ shape) and helps to relieve any pressure caused by tense neck muscles and stress.

It is scientifically known that the best sleeping position for your body (specifically for the spine) is to lie on the back with a gentle raise of the head with a rolled up towel at the neck. This posture helps to relieve pressures inflicted on the spinal structure during the day and stretches out the muscles, although some people suffering back problems may find this uncomfortable.

The Tourmanium neck pillow provides this simple support which enhances sleeping quality. Issues such as snoring and interruptions during sleep (factors which drain a great deal of energy while sleep) are eased. Providing good quality deep sleep which helps to start a fresh and energetic day.

Also the special Nano Ceramic Tourmanium provides many health benefits by providing Far Infrared Rays and Anions to the body. Tourmanium is an all season material, helping to keep cool in summer and warm in winter and primarily improves blood circulation, in this case to the head, which enhances brain cell functioning.

In the first 7 to 10 days of use, it can be uncomfortable for those who are used to soft fluffy pillows, however the long term benefits far outweigh this initial discomfort.

The Features and medical principles of the Tourmanium neck pillow are outlined below.

FAR INFRARED RAYS (FIR)Far Infrared Rays are emitted from the Sun and from our own bodies naturally. Far Infrared Rays are non-invasive, but reach deep into the nerves and muscles, providing deep heat therapy and many other health benefits.
These rays boost the body’s healing ability by increasing the metabolism and immune system, helping to detoxify the blood. Together these factors aid and promote weight loss.
ANIONSAnions are negatively charged Ions which are abundant in nature, in places such as mountains, forests and near waterfalls.
Anions help to relax, refresh and rejuvenate the human body.
They helps you to recover faster from exhaustion and fatigue, they also calm the mind and normalize the body.

★ Positive Testimonials from the Tourmanium Neck Pillow include relief from :

• Tiredness, Fatique, Lack of energy
• Insomnia, Headache, Migraine, Sinus Problems
• Poor Skin Tone
• Poor Blood Circulation, Slow Metabolism, Weak Immune System
• Neck stiffness, Stress, Unbalanced Energy Flow, Poor General Wellbeing
• Snoring, Bad quality sleep