Tourmanium + Low Frequency Abdominal Massager

• Size : 1370(W) * 86(D) * 12(H)
• Weight/Package : 2kg / 1set

The Miracle 2 Tourmanium + Low Frequency Abdominal Massager is made with Nuga Best’s patented nanoceramic Tourmaniumand has Low Frequency Therapy features which tone the abdomen and can provide relief from Back Pain.
Its portability is suitable for those always on the move. It is a high quality therapeutic product with medical features that benefit its users greatly.

★ Features and Effects :

• Anions or Negative Ions improve blood circulation, growth, increase your metabolism and strengthen
your immune system.
• Far Infrared Rays increase production of white blood cells in the body as well as remove toxins and various
internal wastes.
• Low Frequency Therapy stimulates the abdominal fat and muscles, to breakdown fat molecules while building up
muscle fibre. It also helps to relieve muscular pain of the lower back.
• It is convenient to wear on the waist area on the move with its portable and ergonomic design.