Moxibustion, besides acupuncture, is an another important form of treatment in oriental medicine. As a well-known therapy within oriental medicine, moxibustion’s purpose is to restore the circulation of energy and / or blood in the body. Traditionally performed by the burning of special herbs (mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris) at certain acupuncture points and thus helps to re-energise the body. These burnings can be done in different ways.

One of the ways is to place loose moxa herb in a moxabox and ignite it where the heat generated from the burning moxa is transferred to the large surface area of the box and onto the body.

The best way to use moxa is by burning it directly of the needle itself. The pressed moxa herb is put on the shaft of the inserted needle and ignited.

The heat is transferred in a different way to the moxabox: rather than transferring via the outer-layer of skin, the heat is transferred in a narrow channel through the needle and direct to the inner layers giving a very pleasant and effective method.

The nugabest’s product components such as the jade ball and tourmanium ceramic implement the concept of moxibustions far infra-red heat transfer to stimulate the blood circulation and qi flow.