• Model License NO. : 02-831
• Size : 2020(W) * 720(D) * 560(H)
• Weight : Gross 79kg / Net 72kg
• Rated Electric Flow : AC 220V / 50Hz
• Power Consumption : 250W

The NM-5000P, Nuga Best’s premium range product, has been voted as a world no.1 product and has received many awards.
Over 10 million users around the world have reported health benefits and their tremendous joy.

In the Spring of 2010, the new updated model known as NM-5000P (green model) was released after 8 years of research and development on the previous NM-5000 (blue model)

The NM-5000P incorporates Eastern & Western medical principles (including: Chu’Na, Acupressure, Moxibustion, Deep Heat, Massage, Far Infrared Rays, Anions, TENS – Low Frequency) and has been designed and constructed using 21st century leading Korean technology.
The updated features of the NM-5000P are detailed below.

TOURMANIUM INTERNAL PROJECTORThe Internal Projector moves smoothly along the spinal contour, providing Chu’Na therapy, Acupressure, Massage, Deep Heat and Moxibustion as well as Far Infrared Ray and Anion therapies. The rollers gently expand the spinal column to correct posture and relieve abnormal pressure.

• The Internal Projector Rollers have been upgraded to our patented Tourmanium Ceramic whereas the previous model utilised Jade Stones, this increases the emittance of FIR and Anions 4 fold.
• The diameter of the Roller has been enlarged to increase the Moxibustion effects to the Spinal Contour.

TOURMANIUM HEAT MATA specially created auxiliary mat with Tourmanium ceramic provides the user with acupressure sensations, deep heat, FIR and Anions.

• Mat size has been increased from the previous model with 14 additional Tourmanium ceramics added

EXTERNAL TOURMANIUM 5 BALL PROJECTORThe External Projector has been ergonomically designed for personalised and highly-targeted therapy. With the constant emission of Far Infrared Rays and Anions, it can be effective when placed on many areas of the body including, but not limited to; the stomach, behind the neck, the armpits and the groin.
TENS – LOW FREQUENCY PADThe Low Frequency waves automatically transforms the polarity of body pathogens. The resulting effects enhance the sympathetic muscle movements, normalise nerve actions and reduce the number of fat cells in local areas and within bodily organs.
INCLINING POSITIONThe Frame of the NM-5000P can be adjusted to incline at angles of 10, 20 or 30 degrees, to suit your specific physical condition, or to allow for watching TV or reading whilst you are being treated. Other adjustments can also be made, depending on which part of the body you wish to use the product for.

• The NM-5000P has been upgraded with an easy-to-use adjustable inclination mechanism that operates by way of a simple lever.

NANO SILVER FIBRE COVERFabric cover has 13.5% of nano silver fibres woven in to the fabric to provide anti-bacterial features, removal of odour and to give extra exposure to Anions.<br>

• Non-existant to the previous model, Nano Silver fabric is a new feature of the NM-5000P
• New, more durable and water resistant outer fabric have been used for NM-5000P

MULTIFUCTION REMOTE CONTROLEasy button operation allows convenient selection of desired functions.(Controlling 5 different Modes of Internal Projector, Temperature of External Projector and 6 Levels of LF Pad) Large display panels aid easy viewing of the temperatures. Remote Control holder permits easy handling and storage of the Remote Control.

• Additional Automode introduced for extra Moxibustion treatment course

SIMULTANEOUS MULTIUSER SESSIONConnector panel allows the use of External Projector, LF Pad and the Remote Control with separate connection terminals provided for convenient use. Thus, three different persons may use the product simultaneously.

• Frame of NM-5000P have been upgraded from MDF to Stainless Steel to improve in its strength and durability and to improve resistance to dampness and moisture

★ Positive Testimonials from NM-5000P include relief from:

• Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain
• Arm, Leg, Knee, Ankle, Joint Pains
• Muscle Tension/Pains
• Numbness, Sciatica
• IBS, Constipation
• Insomnia, Headache, Migraine, Sinus
• Cholesterol control, Blood Pressure, Weight loss
• Detoxification, Skin Tone
• Blood circulation, Metabolism, Immune System, Joint Mobility, Urogenital Functions
• Fatigue, Stress, Balancing Energy Flow, General Wellbeing, Healthy Growth
• Neuralgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Asthma