Tourmanium Joint Care

• Model License NO. : 06-873
• Size : 400(W) * 200(D) * 120(H)
• Weight/Package : 2.6kg / 1set
• Rated Electric Flow : DC 24V / 2.5A
• Electric : 60W

NM-70 Joint Care with its bio-engineered design made to wrap around the joints, simply removes pain from the knees and the shoulders.

★ Features and Effects:

• Alleviates pain within the knees, shoulders and elbows.
• Increases blood circulation around the joints.
• Thermal Heat effect of the Far Infrared Rays is increased due to the embeded Tourmanium inner lining found
on the inside of the NM-70.
• Complete temperature control, ranging from 40C-65C.
• Bio-engineering design made to wrap around the knees and shoulders.