What is Tourmaline?
From all existing hard minerals on Earth is the only tourmaline which holds a permanent electrical potential, also known as polar crystal; also known as piezo-electricity.
Effect of tourmaline on the body include helping to rebuild the endocrine system and affect positively against diseases caused within the liver,autonomic nervous system, blood circulation and skin. Tourmaline support switching of oxygen in the blood, enhances the immune system, endocrine system and lymphatic system and assist the recovery from oncological diseases. Due to these characteristics, tourmaline been nicknamed the “wonderful doctor” for its positive effect on health.

What is a germanium?
The most prominent property of Germanium is its electrical property as a semiconductor that lies between Metals and Non-Metals. Since this property leads to a principle of healing human illnesses, it is often called an ‘Element of Miracle.’ Germanium has four electrons in its atomic structure that combine easily with other ions in human body and actively move between electric currents.
When Germanium comes into proximity with an abnormal element in a human body, one of the four electrons that is farthest from the Germanium atomic core pops out with negative polarity while the other three stay, to establish a balance with human body.
This property of Germanium provides a therapeutic principle which has been used over the centuries in the Oriental Medicine in the form of Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Finger Pressuring that enhance flow of ions among cells.

What is a volcanic rock?
Volcanic rocks are in the form of very small crystalline structure and mineral particles because it is made from the swift cooling of magma.
The characteristics, chemical ingredients and mineral formation of a volcanic rock are very diverse, thus there are many types of volcanic rocks.The Nuga Medical uses basic and non-harmful alkaloids and does not use volcanic rocks that contain acidity or alkaloids harmful to the body.

What are elan rocks?
Named based on its looks, the elan rock is listed on the botanical list is listed as “impressive” and “perfect,” and is good for swelling and epidermic diseases as it contains no poisonous materials. It is also known to be effective for age prevention, antibiotics, relieves fatigue and cancer prevention.

Negative Ions
You may have felt body becoming more refreshed when you are in the forest or waterfall or near a hot spring. This is due to the negative electric charge from the air called the anion.
Anions promote the metabolism of cells and increases one’s vitality, refreshes the blood, relieves fatigue, increases appetite and brings stability. Thus, it is even called the vitamin of oxygen.
The standard distribution of anion per 1cc of air in forests, hot springs, waterfalls and the beach varies from 800 to 2000 atoms.

The effects of anions on the activation of the human body

Blood purification effect
The healthy blood is a weak alkaloid. Positive ions turn the blood into sick alkaloids. Anions neutralize the acidic blood into a weak alkaloid. This prevents geriatric diseases, cancer, and many allergies.

Stabilizes the mind
Anions stimulate the parasympathetic nerves to calm the soul and the mind and activate the endorphin hormone which amplifies happiness.The beta-endorphin within the brain is nicknamed ‘the happiness hormone’ and functions to stabilize the mind. Thus gives the power to drive out diseases.

Controlling the autonomic nervous system
One person out of three will break down from stress and that is the hard reality of today. People suffer from insomnia, headaches, feeling of cold, climacterics, shoulder aches, lumbago and many other illnesses. These illnesses are said to be caused by positive ions. There is a problem in the nervous system. Anions work to restore balance in the nervous system (The nervous system takes over the control of organs and tissues within someone’s body and there is the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous systems.)

Strengthens the immune system
The intestines and the liver are at the center of immunity. Modern men have weak intestines and liver. You can carry on a healthy life if you strengthen your intestines and liver. Change your life by making your intestines and your liver happy.

Strengthening your lungs
Many people are affected by colds or pneumonia these days. This can be explained by the presence of large amounts of positive ions in the lungs. This is often derived from the polluted air. The anions induce the discharge of carbon dioxide and increase the transfer of oxygen. You can recover from colds and pneumonia when your oxygen transfer increases.

Pain alleviation
On the cold and rainy days of low pressure, many people with arthritis complain of chronic rheumatic pain to the fingers, back, knees. This also can be explained from the air full of positive ions and with the introduction of negative ions to the body, the ions balance out inside your body easing the pain.

Activation of cells
The inside and outsides of a cell are full of ions, where positive ons are based around the outside and the anions on the inside. Both the positive and negative ions participate in the metabolism process. During this process, the positive ions replace the anions when a cell transfers from the suspension state to activation state. We call this state the depolarization and the anions lead this process. Thus meaning, the process of cell activation is carried out by anions.