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Just as a tree needs a strong root system in order to grow right and sustain good health, so too do human beings. The human root system consists of the central nervous and the cardiovascular system, these two develop first in the human fetus. Every other system and organ in the body develops subsequently from them. Together they bring oxygen, water, nutrients, hormones, and essential life force energy to every part of the body, whilst at the same time eliminating waste products. To the extent that these two systems and the spinal column that supports them are healthy, a human being will be healthy too. 

Unfortunately, given the many stresses and strains of modern life combined with poor dietary habits and lack of exercise, most of us develop arterial plaque, cholesterol, fatty deposits, and toxins in our circulatory system as well as various blockages in the energetic pathways of our nervous system. We also tend to suffer as we agefrom a general deterioration of the spinal column. In other words, our root system becomes damaged and this, in turn, begins to undermine our overall health.
The good news is that Nuga Best Therapeutic Thermal Massage Bed  NM7000   goes directly to the source of these health problems: the human root system itself.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • I first heard about Nuga Best from my sister, .She takes treatments in the Best House in Abuja since 2 years now. When she heard how much I suffer because of my back pain(which I got from a car accident),she advised me to go to try the Nuga Miracle Bed in Nuga Best House, and believe me, every symptom of pain in me is gone now.–John Doe

  • You snooze,you lose,pounds that is ! I lost 15 pounds after 4 weeks daily therapy on the Nuga Thermal Massage Bed.For up to 3 hours after the therapy your body feels extra warm, just like the feeling of warmth you get after a long aerobics session but without the pain of exercise. I'm also applying the infrared projector to specific fatty areas of my body to mobilise away the fat . Thanks Nuga Best !–Eniola Audu,Jabi, Abuja

  • I use it everyday after work. My bed relaxes me and puts me in a better state of mind that helps me sleep better at night.–Peter Adikwe, Aba, Nigeria

  • My son has been suffering from asthma attacks but after using the MHP-100 effectively, he no longer has crises, Thanks to God for NUGA BEST products. –Mrs. Stella